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Families with No Children

Families with no children have a lot of issues revolving around assets, liabilities (debts) and spousal support (alimony). Should the spousal support be paid over a period of time that one spouse needs to get on their feet, or even longer.

What happens with the house? Do one or both of you have a pension? What are the tax implications of the decisions and directions that you want to take?

The best way to separate a couples assets and liabilities is not to just look at the picture today, but to look at the picture over a longer period of time. What will the picture look like at the end of 10 or even 20 years? Is it a fair settlement?

With Mediation, you get to decide what the answers to these important questions are, and the direction your new life will take. If you prefer to go to court, you will not be deciding what happens to your life. Instead, a judge will decide what they think is best for you. It will also take you longer and cost you more in money and in anxiety. To us, the decision is rather simple, i.e. try to mediate your issues before you go to court. Save your money and anxiety. The best person to decide what is best for you is you.

With offices in Rockville/Montgomery County Maryland (next to the Rockville Metro), we are located conveniently for clientele throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area.

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