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Marital Mediation

What is the best process for you?

  • Marital Mediation helps couples understand what the true issues are and enables them to come up with solutions in an effective and efficient way. Marital Mediation empowers couples because it is so couples driven. It helps you to recognize your own issues and craft solutions to deal with them now and in the future.
  • It is very different from Marital Counseling or Marriage Therapy, which centers on the psychological issues that impact the marriage. In this process you would meet with a licensed therapist or psychologist.

Most often we meet 4-5 times to understand and frame the issues and explore the options of ways to resolve them. Together we:

  • Gain an understanding of the issues that generated the conflict,
  • Define (frame) the issues in a way to best resolve them, and
  • Create options for breaking the impasses and improving interpersonal communications.

Marital Mediation develops skills to empower people to find solutions to their marital issues. It is a solutions-based (not a psychological-based) approach.

  • We begin by verifying whether you even wish to remain married.
  • We identify your common commitment to each other and your desire to better understand the issues and find ways to resolve them.
  • We open and improve lines of communication, helping you address areas of conflict in your marriage.
  • We develop guidelines that focus on the changes each person will need to make to lessen the current conflict, as well as deal with conflict in the future.

So, if you want psychotherapy, it is probably best that you meet with a Marital Counselor or Therapist (this process is a very long one, with an uncertain outcome due to its psychological component). But, if you are looking to find ways to effectively and efficiently resolve conflict in your marriage, Marital Mediation may be the best place for you.

With offices in Rockville/Montgomery County Maryland (next to the Rockville Metro), we are located conveniently for clientele throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area.

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